Veterinary Import-Export Authority

We are a premium exporter of live animals and animal products. We place quality, service, and value as a priority to satisfy our customers’ needs. We partner with our supplier network to deliver excellence that contribute to the growth of agriculture and nature conservation.


Wildlife Animal Exports

Wildlife Animal Exports

We facilitate the export of wildlife animals to zoos and nature parks worldwide. Game animals ranging from herbivores to carnivores are sourced from renowned game breeders from disease-free areas in South Africa. In addition, we supply turnkey services such as animal sourcing, quarantine services, crate manufacturing and training in animal handling, feed, keep and care as well as the international freighting of the selected animals.

Domestic Animal Exports

Domestic Animal Exports

We enable the export of live animals and animal products for breeding and production purposes and contribute towards the improvement of animal genetics. Animals are selected from renowned breeders within South Africa with a sound animal health status.

Veterinary Consulting

Veterinary Consulting

We develop protocols associated with the export of live animals and animal products from South Africa, which include protocol verification with the importing country's veterinary authorities. We evaluate and certify animal production and processing facilities to ensure the facility meets international standards.



Dr Adéle Faul, the founder of Veterinary Import-Export Authority, started her career as a veterinarian in a regulatory role in 1964 at the Department of Agriculture in Bloemfontein and later Pretoria, South Africa, as well as Windhoek, Namibia.
From 1988 she held the role of Deputy-Director of Import-Export Control with the Directorate of Animal Health until 1996. During this period she specialised in infectious and contagious diseases, pathology and reproduction of animals and birds as an epidemiologist. This experience proved invaluable as risk management methodologies were applied to the development of import and export protocols. These protocols described the management of diseases and other hazards to ensure the protection of animal and human health.
Dr Faul left the Department of Agriculture in 1996 and started Veterinary Import Export Authority providing consulting services to the international animal import and export community. Dr Faul has traveled extensively to evaluate veterinary structures, animal health conditions, disease prevalence and control, so as to negotiate import and export conditions with partner countries. Many of these partnerships resulted in successful import and export protocols being established in South Africa and worldwide. She is also a shareholder of Agri-Evolve.

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  •   12 Barnstable Road, Lynnwood Manor, 0081, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
  •   +27 12 348 2644
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Veterinary Import Export Authority has participated in numerous development projects in Africa, focussed on breed improvement by sourcing and exporting superior genetics from South Africa

· The projects are aimed at poverty alleviation, in partnership with governments and funding organisations, in countries that were struck by civil wars, genocide, famine, droughts, floods and other natural disasters.

· Facilitated genetic improvement projects of local livestock to improve beef and dairy production by supplying breeding animals to form a nucleus herd and using the bulls for cross-breeding with local cattle.

· Assisted with establishing the Embryo Collection Centre in Kenya which was aimed at introducing the Boran breed into Southern Africa.

· Implementing Artificial Insemination (AI) programs run by the government and supported by funding organisations to establish AI capabilities, including the training of technicians from across client countries. Associated to this was the exporting of semen, holding flasks, AI equipment, hormones for synchronisation and veterinary medications.

· Training farmers in sustainable farming practices such as feed production, animal health, animal husbandry.

· VIEA Co-owns an approved quarantine stations for livestock and game in RSA.

· Dr. Faul has been a guest speaker at various international conferences, forums and scientific meetings, sharing knowledge and experience on risk management related to the international movement of animals and animal products, as well as disease management and control (BSE, FMD, viral diseases)

· Dr. Faul has Expert knowledge and specialist experience in the application of regulations as prescribed by the following organisations: OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health, IETS (International Embryo Transfer Society), HASAC (Health & Safety Advisory Committee).


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